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The House System

The House System

The House system is an integral part of life at Ajyal International School.  Each student belongs to a House, fostering a whole school, community approach.

Our houses are:

Each house is inspired after the UAE National Flag colours using the names of precious stones from the region. They are led by two sixth form Heads of House and twostudent House captains from Key Stage 2.

Students collect house points and merits throughout the year for good work and other deeds and on the basis of several inter house competitions and at the end of the year, the winning house is awarded the prestigious House Cup.

The Houses at Ajyal International School is tied to our Significant learning model and we focus on offering a variety of opportunities which encourage team spirit, a healthy sense of competition,leadership skills that allow them to celebrate their individual potential and ability to understand, interact while working with others

There are numerous House competitions throughout the year, focusing not only on co-curricular but on all areas of the curriculum.