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Our Vision Of Learning

Our Vision Of Learning

The Learning Centred School

AJYAL International School is a Learning-Centred school that:

Leadership Culture

AJYAL International School will be led by experienced school leaders who model good practice, set high standards, encourage innovation amongst staff and students, provide regular feedback, celebrate success, praise and nurture staff and students, whilst not accepting underperformance. Our school leaders embody BOEF learning vision where the focus is on active learning, educative assessment and significant learning outcomes.

Management and Organisational Structure

The design and organisation of all aspects of our school reflects the learning-centered approach and this is the best encapsulated in the pyramid shown in figure below. The school leaders and Board of trustees ensure that the school culture reflects the BOEF vision and values through their own modeling of good practice, setting high expectations, providing support, monitoring, evaluating, supporting and rewarding excellence. All decisions about the school – the program, activities, staffing structure, scheduling, policies and procedures – will be derived from the learner-centered vision.