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Inclusion Team

Inclusion Team

The Achievement Team

The Achievement Team is an essential part of our school and their expertise enables children to access the curriculum and to excel in their strengths.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

EAL stands for English as an Additional Language. The term EAL is used when referring to students whose native language at home is not English. At Ajyal our goal is for all our students to be successful English learners and to access the English National Curriculum. We welcome and value the cultural, linguistic and educational experiences that students with EAL bring to the school. Our vision for EAL is to help students become confident and fluent in speaking, listening, reading and writing in English in order to fulfil their academic potential.
The aim of the EAL department is to provide all students with a language rich learning environment and in order to achieve this goal we:

Please contact our EAL coordinator for further information


Our mission in Ajyal is to promote student growth and development, with regard to both personal characteristics and interpersonal competencies. We do this in the service of enabling students to benefit from and maximize their educational experience at Ajyal. Through individual, conflict resolution and group counseling, students may come to appreciate the uniqueness of their personalities and discover new ways to develop their potential. We honor the unique strengths and challenges of our students, while working to enhance life skills, coping strategies, and interpersonal relationships.
Here at Ajyal International School we have a commitment to honor our mix of multicultural students and the different backgrounds represented. We have a great appreciation for the dignity and worth of each person we encounter.
Through Counselling we advocate a philosophy of acceptance, compassion and support for the students we can support and provide an emotionally safe and respectful environment. We support students of all identities including age, gender, culture, race, ethnicity language, mental and physical ability, national origin and religion.
Students can talk through personal issues with the School Counsellor. Working with our Counselor allows the students to relax in an unbiased, confidential and safe environment. Students will be provided with expert advice by a Counselor whose skills will assist them with any issues they may be facing. If parents have any concerns they can contact teachers by e-mail to request an appointment.

Salma Kamel:


The school’s nurses will be available to support the students if necessary. Our nurse will be available at the start and end of each day for medical concerns. Our nurses will provide a range of health related services ranging from medical assistance for students who become sick at school to vaccinations and health related topics and awareness. The school nurse is registered and licensed with Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD). The nurses will also work with medical doctors to manage the health of pupils who have chronic

conditions such as asthma or diabetes. They will also conduct weight, height and vision screening, coordinate the vaccination program and provide other staff members with some medical training.


At Ajyal International School our goal is to promote clarity, consistency and guidance in the education of Gifted and Talented children at our school. It has been developed to provide consistent information to all members of the school community. Definitions Gifted students are those with the potential to exhibit superior performance across a range of areas of endeavour. Talented students are those with the potential to exhibit superior performance in one area of endeavour. We aim to develop the whole person and recognize that there are many areas of giftedness and that students can be talented in wide variety of specific skills. Therefore many opportunities and learning styles need to be presented to each child in order for students to reach their learning potential.

Our Goals:


Ajyal International School is committed to being an inclusive school providing support for every child regardless of disability, age, ethnicity or challenge. Every Child Matters and every child has the right to reach their full potential. The Special Educational Needs department as a caring and nurturing environment run by experienced specialist staff are here to guarantee this.

What is Special Educational Needs?
Children with special educational needs have learning difficulties that make it harder for them to learn than most children of the same age.
Special educational needs fall under four broad areas:

Children with special educational needs may need extra help with:

Here in Ajyal International School we can help most children overcome the barriers their difficulties present quickly and easily, but some children will need extra help for some or all of their time in school. This will be decided after an assessment of the child’s educational needs has been made.\

Our mission is that all students are provided with equal opportunities for academic and social achievement. We strive to make sure that each and every student feels welcome and that their unique needs and learning styles are attended to and valued.
Our SEN Department enhances learning for students with special education needs. Students learn, and use their learning differently; the goal is to provide all students with the instruction they need to succeed as learners and achieve high standards.
This mission is at the heart of our everyday practice, and reflected in the extensive programme of facilities/resources etc. that are in place to help those with diverse educational needs. These include:

The School’s procedures for identification of pupils requiring learning support adheres to ADEK’s Policy 48. Any student admitted in Ajyal International School will be naturally assessed in the first 6-8 weeks by their teacher. Any concerns that arise will be documented and monitored. If you have any inquiries please feel free to contact the SEN Department: