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Enrollment/ Registration FAQ

Enrollment/ Registration FAQ

How do I apply?

The first step is to complete an application form. You can apply online through the School’s website on the Apply Online page.

What happens after I fill the online Application for Enrolment?

You have to visit the school and submit all the required documents. (Click on a link that opens the check list)

When 2016-2017 registration will start?

We will open next year registration  February  2016 for new student to the school.

Does my child need to attend an interview?

Yes, each child enrolling in the school needs to attend an enrolment interview for KG children and an assessment for other grades.

Does AJYAL International School – MBZ offer a siblings discount?

We do not offer any sibling discount.

What are your fees?

You can find details regarding our fees on our “School Fees” page in “Our Parents” tab.

My child has additional learning needs. How will you assess their application?

Our SENCO meets with all families and students with identified additional learning needs before they commence their schooling. Part of this interview’s purpose is to discuss whether there are any additional learning needs to be considered. Having additional learning needs does not exclude a student from entering AJYAL International School. However, the School needs to ensure that there are appropriate resources available to provide the level of support required. We ask for as much information as possible during the enrolment process to ensure that all relevant considerations are made, and that the school and the family have the same understanding and expectations. There may be additional fees required with in ADEC guidelines to fully deliver the additional identified support.